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Posted: 16th September 2021

What Is An Acoustic Consultant?

The control of noise is extremely important in new build developments and the renovation or change of use of existing properties, as Local Authority planning departments will often require professional noise assessments before granting permission for work to go ahead.

Acoustic assessments are also necessary in other situations, for example to assess the risk of hearing damage to employees in industrial settings, or to investigate concerns where residents are subjected to unacceptable levels of noise in a particular area.

When you’re involved in a project in which noise or vibration is a concern, it’s vital to work with a qualified and experienced acoustic consultant, who has the skills and expertise to deliver a range of services.

What Is An Acoustic Consultant?

An acoustic consultant is an expert in noise and vibration who can design, assess, manage, and control sound in different environments. These include residential homes, schools, hospitals, licensed premises such as restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, or industrial facilities.  An acoustic consultant can also undertake sound and vibration surveys and accurately assess the results, incorporating this into further assessments and designs.

Acoustic consultants carry out an extensive range of tasks, including:

  • Undertaking internal or external sound level surveys.
  • Vibration monitoring.
  • Providing expert advice to architects.
  • Providing noise mitigation advice in different settings.
  • Advising on the insulation of buildings to reduce sound coming in from outside, transmitting from inside to outside, or sound passing from one internal area to another.
  • Undertaking the design of noise from mechanical equipment and designing noise control treatments.
  • Assessing noise in existing buildings and the risk to the health of workers.
  • Technical report writing for the planning process or enquiries.
  • Advising how different building designs could affect sound levels and quality.

In most cases, obtaining advice from a qualified acoustic consultant is essential.  Other construction professionals often describe acoustics as a “dark art” and an experienced acoustic consultant will have the specialist knowledge to ensure that noise and vibration aspects are correctly incorporated into a design at an early stage, which can save significant amounts of time and money when compared with retrospectively controlling noise and vibration problems further down the line.

For Professional Acoustic Consultancy Services, Contact ACA Acoustics

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