Posted: 15th February 2022

5 Ways an acoustic consultant can help to get your business booming

Noise is an increasingly problematic issue in modern society, particularly in densely populated urban areas where the negative effects can be magnified.  If your business activities are causing a noise nuisance, people’s everyday lives, and even their health, could be affected.

Consequently, noise pollution is taken seriously by Local Authorities, who can levy fines and enforce legal action if the problem is not solved.  In the most severe cases, a business’s trading activities could even be suspended.

An acoustic consultant can help you to manage your noise emissions, reducing the risk of legal action and improving your reputation as a community-friendly organisation.


What is an acoustic consultant?

An acoustic consultant is an expert in sound and vibration.  Typically, acoustic consultants specialise in developing preventative measures to avoid noise from becoming excessive and creating a nuisance.  Acoustic consultants can provide advice on mitigating a range of noise and vibration-related problems, such as assisting with the design and planning of buildings or developments and advising on improving the sound insulation within existing properties.


How an acoustic consultant could support your business’s profitability

1. Avoid noise complaints

Excessive noise can occur from a variety of sources, but any disruption for local residents can lead to complaints against your business.  The Local Authority may impose a noise abatement notice, which would restrict your usual operation and could even result in fines.  Opposition to your business in the community could harm your reputation.

An acoustic consultant can devise an appropriate scheme to reduce noise, thereby improving the quality of living for locals and demonstrating your business’s community-focused philosophy.


2. Freedom and flexibility

For a business to be profitable, managers must be able to run their operations in the way they deem most effective.  Anxiety about noise complaints may artificially restrict the way the business is managed, meaning valuable opportunities are missed to increase profits.

An acoustic consultant will help you to put in place a noise mitigation scheme, giving you clarity on the sound level criteria you need to achieve and the most cost-effective and appropriate way to achieve this – a huge asset for businesses in densely populated areas or those in the hospitality industry.


3. Expert noise assessments

An acoustic consultant can carry out personalised noise assessments to support planning applications and to recommend mitigating measures that improve the likelihood of applications being granted successfully.  This applies also to applications to reshape a business’s operations to increase profits, such as extended opening hours or outside dining.


4. Bespoke renovations

If you’re renovating your premises, it’s an ideal time to consider the long-term acoustics of the building, as it’s easier to implement modifications while construction work is ongoing. Working with an acoustic consultant will help you plan for future noise management without detracting from the architectural or aesthetic requirements of the business.


5. Ensuring best practice

Finally, an experienced acoustic consultant will advise you on best practices you should put in place to minimise noise pollution while strengthening your business’s ability to grow and generate healthy profits.  Without their advice, you run the risk of making the wrong decisions, only to discover later that your premises are not as soundproof as you – and the neighbours – hoped.


ACA Acoustics: working in partnership to control noise

At ACA Acoustics, we offer professional acoustic consultancy services to help businesses like yours reduce their impact on the local community.  To find out more, get in touch with ACA Acoustics, or send us a message and we’ll respond promptly to your enquiry.


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