Posted: 28th September 2021

How Much Does A Noise Survey Cost?

The cost of a noise survey depends on many factors, the most important being what you need to achieve from the survey.  Let’s take a look at each of the factors that contributes to the cost of a high-quality survey.

Establish the relevant standards

Front cover of BS 4142;2014 and other standards

The purpose of the noise survey will determine which standard or guidance document is appropriate.  When conducting a survey of noise from industrial or commercial sources, such as mechanical services equipment or a factory then we would follow the methodology in BS 4142:2014+A1:2019BS 4142 provides guidance on what noise should be measured, how, and for how long.  Other environmental surveys might need to follow the methodology of BS 7445, for example.  Internal sound level surveys would typically follow guidance contained in the Association of Noise Consultant’s ANC Guidelines: Measurement of Sound Levels in Buildings.


Are additional investigations required?

It is important for your acoustic consultant to fully understand the requirements at the outset.  For example, a sound level survey for a residential housing development would follow the guidance in ProPG: Planning and Noise.  Whilst creating the scope of works, initial investigations might identify that there are nearby industrial units or a bar/nightclub or gym in the neighbouring building.  The fee proposal would need to account for these further investigations.  These could include other types of testing such as a sound insulation test on the separating walls to adjoining properties or vibration surveys.  If your acoustic consultant doesn’t consider the specific requirements of your development at the outset it can result in additional work (and costs) being added at a later stage.


The duration of the survey

The length of a noise survey will also affect its price.  Assessing noise from transport sources such as a railway or nearby roads are typically carried out over a minimum 24-hour period.  Some commissioning surveys might only take 1-2 hours, while other surveys can take anything from a few days, a week, or even months to complete.  At ACA Acoustics we have a noise survey providing ongoing monitoring which has been on site for nearly three years!


Noise survey at a rural site

The average cost of a noise survey

With so many different factors affecting the cost of noise surveys the fee for every site can be different and it is impossible to estimate an average cost for your survey.  A large element of the fee is also dependent on the time that will be spent assessing the results, undertaking acoustic calculations, building computer acoustic models, and preparing a professional report with recommendations in a style suitable for the purpose of the project.  Whether that be to support a planning application, to assist the architect and design team in developing the design of a building, or to provide a solution to mitigate ongoing noise complaints.  Discussing the reason for the noise survey and what you need to achieve from it is vital to enable you secure a survey at a fair price.


So, what does a noise survey cost?!

Pound sterling signWe can’t give you an accurate price for your survey without all these details, but as you’re reading this article you probably want to get an indication of what your survey might cost!

A survey and noise impact assessment to support a mechanical services equipment planning application would typically be around £1000, and a noise assessment in accordance with ProPG, the National Planning Policy Framework, and BS 8233 to support a small residential development would be between £1000-£2000.

A reputable acoustic consultant should be able to provide you with a fee proposal and their anticipated scope of works, enabling you to compare different quotations.

These fees are what we expect from a typical reputable acoustic consultant.  There are always cheaper alternatives, however that might not give you the best outcome.  A cheaper price could mean that the acoustic consultancy has allowed less time to complete the project or will assign a less experienced consultant to carry out the work.  If that means that your planning application is rejected or a design is overengineered and costs you more money, is it worth the small saving on the acoustic consultancy fee?

At ACA Acoustics we pride ourselves on the standard of service we offer all our customers.  We believe our fees offer excellent value for the service we provide.


Contact ACA Acoustics to discuss your unique needs

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Our highly experienced acoustic consultants will work with you to design a noise survey and assessment that meets your unique needs, at a cost-effective price within your project deadlines.

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