Posted: 20th June 2021

How An Acoustic Consultant Can Help Your Bar Or Restaurant Resolve A Noise Complaint Or Achieve Planning Consent

Restaurants, bars, and pubs are usually hives of activity, and from 21st June 2021 will hopefully become so again! In a busy hospitality venue it’s unsurprising – and inevitable – that noise is produced, particularly at times of the evening, and at weekends, when local residents are more likely to be at home. The problem of noise annoyance shouldn’t be underestimated if you’re a pub or restaurant proprietor, as environmental laws mean you have a legal duty to protect the public from excessive noise.

If noise levels negatively affect a local resident’s health or enjoyment of their home (according to an Environmental Health Officer’s assessment of acceptable noise levels), your business may be served a noise abatement notice by the local authority, forcing you to take action to reduce noise levels. This could be financially damaging, as the way that you operate your business could be changed, discouraging trade, and reducing the services you can offer. Also, legal action against your business could lead to harsh penalties that could cripple your operations and threaten your survival – certainly not something any hospitality business wants during the recovery from Covid.

Planning For Noise: How To Avoid Complaints

It goes without saying that it’s better to accurately anticipate the level of noise from your establishment and implement preventative steps, than to have to respond to complaints and fend off the investigations of your local authority later.

An acoustic consultant can create an effective noise management plan that takes account of existing levels of noise in the locality and predicts how your business will impact these in future, thereby allowing you to implement measures to reduce noise pollution. By opting for a noise impact assessment, you can actively demonstrate your commitment to suppressing noise pollution, decreasing the likelihood of genuine noise nuisance reports, and enabling you to dismiss unreasonable accusations.

Noise Assessments For Planning Applications

At ACA Acoustics, our specialists can conduct noise reports for planning applications, appeals, or licence renewals, increasing the likelihood that your business will be allowed to trade with the full range of services for customers. Local authorities usually request a noise assessment survey prior to granting planning permission or change of use for existing premises, so it’s vital to partner with a professional acoustics specialist who can assess the likely impact of noise on the community and recommend measures to mitigate it. If you’ve recently repurposed a car park or other outdoor space into a beer garden, for instance, a noise assessment survey will help deflect complaints and ensure you can continue trading without interruption. This is particularly helpful if you wish to apply for the outdoor space to become permanent once the current temporary permission expires or are looking for an extension to your trading hours.

Contact ACA Acoustics For All Your Environmental Noise Reports

At ACA Acoustics, our experts have extensive experience providing noise assessments for the hospitality industry, including for pubs, restaurants, and hotels. We can provide accurate reports for planning applications, licence renewals, or even to support your business if a noise complaint is made, ensuring you can implement effective measures to reduce your impact on the community. For more information or to discuss your business’s needs, contact us today on 01793 766324.

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