How Acoustic Consultants Can Get Your Planning Permission Approved First Time

Posted: 12th May 2021

How Acoustic Consultants Can Get Your Planning Permission Approved First Time

When the development of residential properties, hotels, schools, or hospitals is planned, Local Authorities often request a noise assessment as part of the pre-application stage of planning permission. This is most likely if the site is in proximity to existing noise sources, such as transport hubs or industrial units. A noise survey may also be requested to assess the potential impact of construction noise on the local community.

Acoustic consultants play an important part in helping developers secure planning permission, by providing professional noise assessments and ensuring a good acoustic design process is followed. Also, assessments may be requested prior to construction work to provide evidence that construction activity will not cause nuisance to nearby residents.

What Is A Noise Assessment?

A noise assessment, or survey, can have two different remits:

  • To demonstrate the effect of existing local noise sources on the proposed noise-sensitive development, so that Local Authorities can consider the long-term impact and whether any mitigating actions are necessary.
  • To assess the likely impact of proposed new development which might increase the existing noise levels, to determine the impact that noise generating proposals such as bars and restaurants, industrial factories and warehouses, gyms, or mechanical services equipment may have on existing residents in the vicinity.

A noise assessment for planning usually includes:

  • A baseline measurement of existing noise levels.
  • A prediction of how noise will affect the development after completion.
  • A prediction of how noise from the development will affect the local area.
  • Design of appropriate measures that could be taken to mitigate the effect of noise.

To ensure an accurate assessment which will be acceptable to the Local Authority’s Environmental Health Officer, measurements are taken with Class 1 sound level meters, while calculations are conducted using computer modelling complying with relevant British and International Standards.

How Choosing The Right Acoustic Consultant Can Help Secure Planning Permission

By choosing the right noise specialist for your project, you maximise the chance of securing planning permission and avoiding restrictive planning conditions or even having to appeal against a refusal to grant planning permission.

Not only will the consultant provide accurate noise measurements and assessments, but they will establish clear noise assessment criteria that the local authority will accept, complying with relevant local and national planning policies and British Standards. Choosing a specialist who has extensive experience of working with your Local Authority will increase the chances of success, meaning your project can get under way on time, and on budget.

The planning process can be lengthy and complex, so an experienced acoustic consultant can save time and money with their industry knowledge of what the Local Authority will require and the most cost-effective way to achieve this. Without frustrating delays during the planning approval stage, your project is more likely to be accepted first time and without unnecessary planning conditions.

Need A Specialist Noise Consultant? Get In Touch With ACA Acoustics Today!

At ACA Acoustics, we have experience of working on projects throughout the country and will provide an assessment complying with all relevant local and national polices to help you secure planning consent for your development. We provide Local Authorities with the data and predictions required to assess the impact of noise, ensuring any potential adverse impacts are adequately controlled. We can also provide assessments to assist the discharge of noise-related planning conditions.

We have a great track record in helping developers to obtain planning permission and win appeals, so for more information on our noise assessment services, get in touch today.

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